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About Us

Stephen Michaud

Steve Michaud holds a Masters degree in Counseling as well as having completed all but his dissertation for his Doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University.

Steve visits over 70 colleges each year in order to “keep up with the ongoing educational trends and programs at campuses throughout the United States.” He is also an advocate and coach for individuals wanting to create change in their lives by becoming more active in outdoor recreation such as hiking, bicycling, and other endurance events. Steve also serves as a mentor for an elementary student in Bozeman, MT.

For over 30 years Steve has worked in higher education and in the private sector advising students and their families in all areas of college choice planning. For several decades Steve has been an active participant in local and national conferences on College Admissions, Financial Aid and Student Life. He has also served as the New England Regional Admissions Associate for a small, liberal arts college located in North Carolina. Steve is also an active member of HECA (Higher Education Consultant Association) and attends their annual conferences.

Libby Michaud

Libby holds a Masters degree in Elementary Education from the University of New Hampshire.

In addition to her teaching, Libby has been tutoring and leading “Study Skills” programs for school age children for over 20 years. As an educator, Libby is experienced in coaching and advising parents on issues such as strategizing for effective parent/child communication, school achievement, and stepfamily growth. Libby is an experienced motivational speaker as well as a seminar leader for many education topics.

Together, Libby and Steve are the parents of five adult children who live in the west and one still on the east coast. They are each following their own successful and unique pathways.

Libby has recently started a new company, Transform By Design with business partner Stacey Tompkins. Transform By Design ,, is a mindful coaching team that offers skillful personalized training through custom designed programs to teams of people who feel stuck. We create a safe, insightful learning environment for anyone seeking transformation and growth in order to develop skillful ways of navigating human interaction for future success. How do we do this? We listen. We wrestle with ideas, expectations, and reality. We tease out and then laser beam in on the real issues. Then we help transform your organization, team or group into a mindful, creative, communicating, engaged and motivated enterprise. Together we create an experience of interacting with your group that shifts old, tired narratives into fresh, innovative, and useful paradigms.