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Helpful tips and information for the college planning process written by Stephen Michaud.

Reflections From the Desk of a College Counselor

As featured in Healthy Living Magazine, May 2011 The school year is winding down. The whirlwind has ended for those moving on to college next year. Families are busy making plans for the upcoming summer months. Whether its vacation plans, summer camps, or work, rising college students are in transition! For many parents it’s a […]

Hey Coach, Am I Starting Today?

As featured in Healthy Living Magazine, May 2011 Hey Coach am I starting today? Many students have asked this question of their coach. A coach’s job is to be on the sidelines, watching their players hone their skills, make and learn from their mistakes all while cheering them on! As parents we all have the […]

Self Reflection, the First Step

Winter. A time of the year to slow down, a time to self reflect. College. Where/how do you begin? Keeping in the spirit of winter as a time for reflection, here are some essential tips to guide you and your student through this journey. Key to your commitment to this process is dialogue with your […]

Defining Success for the College Bound Student

Defining success, it’s all relative isn’t it? As parents we partner with our students in hopes of them getting the most out of their high school education. If you are a parent of a school senior you are watching them begin the next step of leaving high school and moving on, so, what is your […]

Whose Choice Is It?

As featured by Healthy Living Magazine As May 1st college deadlines rapidly approach, it is now time for seniors in high school to make decisions. The choice is now theirs, but you as parents can help them to navigate this process. In many ways this is the beginning of letting your student go. It is […]

The Best Time to Enroll in College

As featured in Healthy Living Magazine, March 2011 Whoever said the best time to enroll in college is right out of high school?….think about it. Roughly 10 weeks separate a student graduating from high school to entering their first class as a freshman student. It’s actually not much time is it? Throughout the year many […]

College Counseling with Family Pathways

It’s winter, and a new year, a great time to explore new opportunities. If you are a parent of a senior in high school, you may be stressing about deadlines that haven’t been met, waiting impatiently for the “yes” or “no” letter from your child’s first choice, or wondering how you’re going to let go […]