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Excellence in Coaching Familes on College Choices


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire Family Pathways College Counseling to work with our family?

We bring over 30 years of educational experience in working with students of all ages and educational needs.  Our approach is student centered.  Not only do we say, but believe, there is a uniqueness in each of the students we work with.  There is a “right” college for every student!  We help you to understand and navigate the complex college planning and application process for the success of your student.

How can you help my student find the best fit college?

It’s important to identify how your student learns best and in what environment.  Through dialogue with you and your student we can begin to identify their strengths and therefore the “best fit” college lists for them. Our detailed questionnaires also help to spotlight many varied areas of interests and strengths.

What kind of value do your services offer?

Students who find the “best fit” school are more likely to complete their undergraduate program, than those who do not.  Finding the “best fit” college can also offer the “best” financial package.  Families are less stressed when our planned, organized, and proactive strategies help to navigate the college planning process.

Is ACT and SAT test prep necessary?

For many students,  knowing, and practicing strategies for these standardized tests in a one to one approach can help them to feel less stressed, and often create higher test scores.

Can we work with you if we live outside of Montana?

Yes, we work with many families in other states through Skype as well as phone conversations. In this new technological age, students and their families are finding this method to be successful.